Ruben & Vanessa Ramirez
Pastor of Strategic Projects & Partnerships

Ruben and Vanessa are pastors at Cross Church in San Benito, Texas. Ruben grew up in West Texas, raised by a single mother and has 3 siblings, in full-time ministry. He was called to preach at the young age of 16 and attended Bible School at Latin American Bible Institute. Ruben later earned degrees in Bachelors in Arts in Pastoral Theology, a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling and a Doctoral Degree in Theology from Life Christian University. Ruben is currently earning a Masters in Business Administration. Ruben believes that a person does not have to know it all to become a great leader and everyone has the potential to become someone greater than their present self. He is committed to the local church and its leaders and enjoys consulting in church growth strategies. He has a 25+ years in ministry with experience in the business world working for companies such as HEB, Best Buy and one of the country’s leading software companies in time and attendance, TimeClock Plus.

Vanessa has extensive knowledge in Healthcare Administration earning several certifications in various areas in the healthcare field. She enjoys consulting in her area of expertise, research, reading, and serving the local church. She was raised by strong Christian parents in North Texas, attended Bible School at Latin American Bible Institute and has a sister and 2 brothers. Vanessa enjoys leading people to their winning moments and is enthusiastic about God’s vision for this world.

Ruben and Vanessa have been married 23 years, have 4 daughters, and are known as “Lolli & Pops” to six grandchildren.

They relocated to the Rio Grande Valley April, 2018 when the Lord called them to be a part of Cross Church.