Nursery and Preschool

6 weeks to 4 years

Our Nursery and Preschool Ministry serves to care for your infants and toddlers in a safe and nurturing environment. Our nursery is arranged according to developmental stages rather than age groups, with each environment designed to meet your child’s needs. Our preschool rooms are fun and exciting atmospheres where your kids will learn, create, and worship together. Nursery and Preschool Ministry is available at all of our locations, every Sunday.

Check In

From your child’s first visit, we will collect some basic information to get to know your child, and enter them into our system. From then on, each time you check-in, both you and your child will receive a security sticker with a matching 3 – 4 digit code, valid only for that day. We ask that both you and your child wear this sticker visibly on clothing, until you leave. (We also offer additional stickers to label diaper bags, personal items, etc.) When dropping your infant off, you will have the opportunity to share any information with one of our leaders that will help in caring for your child; such as feeding and sleeping times.

Enjoy Service

After dropping your child off, relax and enjoy the service! Our teams serve to ensure your infant(s) and toddler(s) are well taken care of, and have a great experience while in our care. However, if you are needed, we will display your 3-4 -digit code on the monitors in service to alert you. Please be attentive to the screens throughout the service; and if your number is displayed, head to the Nursery/Preschool area to speak with a leader.


Pick-up is a breeze. First, you will be asked to show your security sticker prior to entering the secure Nursery/Preschool area. (Wearing your sticker visibly helps keep this process moving quickly.) A leader will then match the number on your child’s sticker to the number on your sticker, prior to releasing them.

***If you happen to misplace your security sticker during service, proper identification will be required for release in order to match you and your child in our system.

That’s it! Getting your little ones to Nursery & Preschool on Sundays is simple, and efficient. We hope to see you and your children this Sunday for worship.

Preschool Curriculum

During our weekend services, our 1 to 2 year old curriculum is play and worship and our 3-4 year old preschoolers get to learn, create and worship together in a fun and exciting atmosphere. We use a curriculum called Elevate Jr. This is a creative, interactive lesson that includes classroom activities, a practical Bible study, and time to create a special craft relative to the lesson for that week. Your preschoolers will have fun and learn about Jesus!

Child Dedications

As a church, we are so excited to share in the celebration of this special milestone for you and your family.

We believe that dedicating your child(ren) before the Lord is an outward expression of an inner commitment to raise your child(ren) in a godly way. Our Baby Dedication Service is intended to help commemorate this special day, and allows us the opportunity to pray for you and your family.

Click here to go to the Child Dedications Form!

SERVE IN Nursery-Preschool

Our Cross Church families are always growing with lots of little new additions; which means our Nursery/Preschool serving teams are constantly growing too! There are several opportunities to get involved. Of course, we think serving our infants and preschoolers is the best serving role in all the church! We’d love to have you as part of the team too.

Here’s how to get involved:

Attend: Your first step to getting involved is attending our Cross Church member class.

Serve: Join the team, and start serving the littlest members of our Cross Church.