Cross Kids

K-6th Grade

Our Cross Kids Children’s Church is here to serve your children that are in grades K-6th. During our weekend services, your children will get to experience fun & engaging praise & worship, age-appropriate & interactive foundational Bible based lessons & Themed Super Sundays in safe, enjoyable & friendly environment. We have a wonderful & dedicated staff ready to serve your children. We will ensure that your child will have fun, feel valued & accepted, & experience the love of God.

Cross Kids is available every Sunday at our 9am, 11am & 1pm services. We also provide a Prayer & Communion Service aimed just for your children every first Weds of every month @7pm!

Check-In & Pick Up

The security & safety of your child is our top priority! Our check in & pick up process is convenient yet very effective! Know that when you drop off your child at Cross Kids they are secure while having great time learning about God, & you are able to enjoy service in the Main Cross Church Sanctuary.

When you visit Cross Kids for the first time, we will have you fill out a registration form. You should receive a scan card when you return to pick up. Each time you visit us, you will use your scan card at our Self Check In station. Both you and your child will receive security badges with matching numbers. Upon pick up, you must return with your security badge, so that we may match the name & number on it, with the one your child is wearing. You will use this process each time you attend.

*If you happen to misplace your security badge, you will need to return to the Self Check In Station & reprint it.

*If you are needed, your child’s number will appear on the projection screen in the Main Cross Church Sanctuary or we will send a text. So please be attentive to the screens & return to Cross Kids if needed.

That’s it! We hope to see you & your family at Cross Kids this Sunday! Your children are sure to have fun & experience the wonders of God & His love!!!

Cross Kids Ministries

We offer several teams/groups for children in grades 1st-6th to sign up & serve in! Our goal with these teams/groups, is to instill a sense of servant hood & responsibility. They will be putting into action what they are learning during our Sunday services! We know that at this age group, children are searching for something to belong to & are eager to help in any area. Once your child is involved in one of these groups, it will help give them a clearer picture of what direction God is sending them. They will get to stir up their God given gifts, make lasting friendships & learn & grow in a fun & safe environment!

Cross Kids Praise & Worship Team

(Band, Choir & Dance Team)

Calling out all kid musicians, singers & dancers!!!??? Does your child play an instrument or love to sing or dance? Then this is the group just for them! Our Cross Kids Praise & Worship Team meets most Saturdays to rehearse & participates in various activities & special events throughout the year. Also, they will be able to participate in Bible lessons & special activities to help them grow in the area of worship.

This is definitely more than getting together to learn music……. We are uniting with your children to help usher in the Spirit of the Living God through worship to all out children here at Cross Kids!

Jr Serve Team

This group consists mostly of our 5th & 6th graders & a few young teens that have a heart to lend a helping hand with our children here at Cross Kids! We meet bi-monthly for training on how to serve & then we will schedule all our Jr Volunteers in the areas of: Nursery Department, Classroom Helper, Snack Room Helpers, Greeter/Usher, Media, Praise & Worship & Self Check In.

Our pre-teens truly do enjoy “giving back” & volunteering @ Cross Kids! They are eager to help raise the NOW generation!

Cross Kids Mascots/Puppets Team

This is one of our newest additions to Cross Kids! Our Cross Kids Mascots/Puppets Team is made up of our 4th-6th graders & some of our Jr Volunteers! They participate in skits, praise & worship, & special events & activities. They meet regularly on Saturdays to rehearse.

Our Mascots/Puppets Team does a great job at helping to get the message of Jesus Christ across to all our Cross Kids!

Cross Kids Drama

Our Drama group is also another new addition under the Cross Kids umbrella! They recently rehearsed & performed at our Happy Birthday Jesus Christmas Program! They did an amazing job!!!

If you child is active, outspoken, funny & eager to get on the stage…then this may be the group just for them!

For more info concerning our Cross Kids Ministries, please speak with one of our front desk staff members at Cross Kids. They will direct you to our wonderful leaders who oversee these areas.