Chris & Lizette Martinez
Raymondville Campus Pastors

Chris and Lizette Martinez have fully committed their lives to ministry. Their heart’s desire is to lead people to knowing Jesus and making Him known. Chris attended and graduated from the Harlingen District School of Ministry, began in ministry as a Youth Pastor in 2010 and was named the 2011 Youth Pastor of the Year by the Assembly of God, South Texas District. The call on their lives is evident as they have pastored and served hundreds of students and adults throughout their years of ministry.

Chris was raised in and has been a resident of Raymondville, Texas. Lizette was raised in Harlingen, Texas, and both have a heart for Raymondville or as they affectionately call it, “Ray-town.” Chris and Lizette have been married for thirteen years and have three beautiful children, Abcde, Christopher, and Micah.

Together, they have pastored and led people to Jesus Christ and serve as the Campus Pastors at Cross Church Raymondville.