Mexico: Puebla JULY 15TH – 22ND, 2017

David Castro, Nora Trevino

(956) 399-5590


Summary of trip: The Cross Church team will fly to Mexico City, Mexico and travel to Puebla, Mexico. You will stay in Living Hope International a mission complex by the outreach location. You will attend Sunday service at Nations Church, then during the week, you will be assigned work projects and spend time with the children on daily activities. After a week of hard work and ministry, the team will have time to relax, and take in some sights and enjoy some shopping.

In preparation for this trip, there will be several meetings the team will be required to attend. During these meetings we will communicate valuable information, train, and debrief all things related to this trip.

July 15th -22nd 2017 (leaving Saturday -15th am, returning 22th –Saturday am)

Size of Team: 15-20 people

Host: Living Hope International

Flights: Reynosa airport- General Lucio Blanco to Mexico City airport- Benito Juarez International- length of flight- 1 hour 30 minutes

Estimated budget: $1,000.00 per person
(Everyone is responsible to raise their own funds and not including passport or spending money for souvenirs.)

· June 23rd, 2017 – $500 Initial Trip Deposit
· July 1st, 2017 – $500 This will bring your account balance to $1,000 total trip cost

What are the accommodations?
Your team will stay at LIVING HOPE INTERNATIONAL missions complex.

What will we eat?
Your team will eat most meals with the children in the EV community center.
We try to give you a taste of the local cuisine–although a little milder to fit a wider variety of taste preferences–which is prepared in a safe manner.

What should I wear?
It is very important that all visiting team members dress modestly and in such a way that does not draw attention to themselves. Shorts should be knee-length, no spaghetti strapped, midriff, low cut or sleeveless tops. Skirts should cover the knee at all times, and all tops must cover shoulders.

· June 16th, 2017
· July 7th, 2017

· Attend all team meetings
· Have a valid Passport
· Meet all payment deadline requirements
· Must be 18 years or older
· This is a family trip. Parents are welcome to bring their children

(956) 399-5590