Brick and Beth Cliff
Teaching Pastor

Rev. Brick Cliff is a graduate of Elim Bible Institute and Spring Arbor University. He and his wife Beth have been missionaries under Elim Fellowship since 1987, serving first for twelve years in Africa and then for the last twelve years in Latin America. Brother Cliff is the President of World Impact Now (W.I.N.) Ministries. W.I.N. is a Christian organization involved in leadership training and community development around the world.

Pastor Cliff’s twenty-six years of ministry have included evangelism, church planting, starting and directing Bible schools, serving as the pastor of three churches, and start church-based schools with the “International School of Ministry” (I.S.O.M.). His ministry has started over 1,000 church-based Bible schools in 15 countries and 12 languages. W.I.N. is currently working on filming a complete Bible school curriculum in Spanish, as well as filming community development courses and translating them for use around the world.

Brother Cliff also teaches in two different international curriculums, the “International School of Ministry” (ISOM) as well as the “Nation -2- Nation” ministry curriculum. Brick and Beth have three children; Sara, Benjamin and Josiah.